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Stuck in the traffic, expensive parking, spending hours, if not days or weeks searching for photography equipments, and ended dissappointed by the sales person telling you item out of stock. Why waste petrol, tolls, parking, and most importantly your precious time on finding photography equipments when you can actually go out and take more pictures?

For people staying outside Kuala Lumpur, we understand your difficulty in getting photography equipments from your local shops, and many times you need to travel to Kuala Lumpur to do purchase.

Introducing Yamiya. We are a Kuala Lumpur based Photography Equipment Online Store. Our objectives is to provide every photographers in the country the convenient to purchase photography equipments. We carry wide range of photography equipments, ranging from camera bags, filters, batteries, tripods, etc. We offer attractive price and high quality of service. Further more all our products are sourced from authorized local distributors. We do not carry any gray market or parallel import products. Hence you have no worries on products warranty.

For purchase above RM100 we offer free delivery to whole Malaysia. All our shipments, unless otherwise stated, are made using express courier. Most of our products are ready stocks and delivered next business days (Malaysia and Singapore). Our express courier CITY-LINK has an interactive tracking system to track your parcels. More information on Shipping Rates and Policies can be found in our website.

Use the money you save on petrol, tolls, parking, go out there, fly further. TAKE MORE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! We will handle the shopping for you.

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries. We’re here to answer questions and offer advice so you can make informed buying decisions.

Hope you enjoy shopping at Yamiya.

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