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Cut the Cable (Charger Edition)

In the old days when we go travel we bring at least ten rolls of films. Annoying baggage. Then digital cameras come to the rescue, or did they?

What replaces films are power hungry sensors, which means extra batteries. If that doesn’t add up your luggage space, think about charges, tangling power cords. Gone are the days that your camera will survive with simple AA, CR2 batteries for weeks.

If you happen to own a MacBook or iPod/iPhone, here’s a tip for you to get rid of the charger power cords.

Apple power adapter head are interchangeable to fit various power socket around the world. It happens to fit most battery chargers in the market, as long as your changer is power by a 2 pin power cord.

If you do not own any apple products you can purchase Apple world travel adapter kit from Apple store or similar plug from electrical stores.

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