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Few useful advice for iPad users

It’s the third day since I purchase iPad. It’s been three days since I last switch on my Mac. iPad has free me from sitting in front computer desk to lying on the couch. No regret. This is the best gadget since iPhone, even better than iPhone.

There are tons of reviews on iPad all over the web, hence I won’t go into details. Instead I want to give few useful advice for iPad users.

1. iPad aluminum body is smooth, which translates to slippery, which means it is hard to hold and easier to slip and fall to the ground. Ouch! Most people will purchase a case to protect their precious iPad, as do I. Similar to iPhone, they are the soft case, hard case and leather case. My opinion is get a silicon case. For few reasons. One, it’s cheaper than the other two. Second, silicon case provides natural grip. Third, it’s the lightest of all three.

Since you are likely to use iPad for web browsing, books and magazines reading, chances are you gonna hold it for hours. Hard case generally doesn’t do much good except protecting the surface. It’s still slippery and requires more strength to hold it. Your hands will feel fatigue sooner than silicon case. Leather case too is nice to hold but most are bulky and heaviest of all three. iPad weights 680g. Adding a silicon case bring it close to 900g, that’s equivalent to the thickest magazine you can find in market. Leather case means over 1kg. Unless you don’t mind the weight of a hardcover bibliography.

There isn’t much choice for now in Malaysia Mac shop. I am using Capdase Soft Jacket2 Xpose (RM128). I like it transparent and comes with removable stand. What I don’t like is the hollow circle around the Apple logo, which isn’t so bad as a round protector is included.

2. iPad is not scratch resistant, a screen protector is a must. There are two types, matte/anti-glare and crystal/clear. I prefer clear type because matte type spoil iPad crystal clear display. They are many below RM50 screen protector but they likely gives rainbow effect, a big trade-off for such a good screen. A good screen protector should not affect iPad screen performance. You wouldn’t wanna spoil the experience of such a good screen with a cheap protector. I am using Power Support Crystal Film

3. Use only Apple original/approved charger. iPad requires 10W charger, which is double of iPhone. The box comes with one. If you need spare, get the original. Don’t toast your iPad just because you want to save few ten ringgit and purchase unauthorized China brand charger. It’s a no-brainer vs no-branded case. After all, original charger cost less than RM100. Same goes to car charger.

4. There’s really no left right up down for using iPad. Whichever way you position it the screen will rotate accordingly. In fact in portrait mode I prefer to have the home button on top for easy access and not blocking the speaker. Apple is considerate enough to include a disable rotation button (on iPhone it’s the mute button) for NASA astronaut. 

5. Jailbreak is not really necessary. With the lack of many iPhone features, and few compatible Cydia apps, jailbreak doesn’t make iPad performs magic besides SBSettings, Backgrounder (multitasking) and MyWi. Some would add, “Installous”. Anyhow, to keep the jailbreak spirit running, I had mine prisonbreak.Tongue out

6. Lastly, DO NOT borrow your iPad to anyone to bring home ! Yes, be selfish. It’s too addictive! Your friend will give all the excuses and drag on returning. Two of my friends “lost” their iPad for being too generous. One is forced to sell to the borrower. Beware!

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