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Geotag your photos and log your road trip

On April me and few friends drove all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Thale Noi, a small town 2 hours drive from Hat Yai, Thailand. Since a road trip is the best opportunity to try geotagging, I brought along my Holux M-241 GPS logger.

They are 101 ways to geotag photos. Here I will go thru my way, the Mac way.

  1. First you need a GPS logger. There are countless on the market and cheapest cost around RM200-300 without colorful LCD map display. Recommend you get these as they are cheap, long battery life (24 hours or more) and fit into pocket.
  2. Remember to sync the camera time and date to that on the logger.
  3. Remember to put your logger on places with GPS signal. You can hang it on your belt, camera bag or just slip inside the pocket. However once inside the car, it’s best to place it near the windows. I forgot mine and lost portion of my trip route due to weak satellite signal.
  4. Now start shooting.

Back home I transfer the photos and track log onto Mac. Most logger comes with PC software but not Mac. For Mac user check out HoudahGPS. It’s free and supports most well known brands in the market. The log can be saved in GPX or NMEA format, both are widely supported by geotag software.

I tried various geotag software and finally settle on JetPhoto Studio Pro. The reason is that it is easy to use, cheap (USD25) and produce a nice Google Map slideshow. I made one to share with you all, my Thale Noi road trip. The software is free to try but only the pro version able to create the Google Map slideshow.

Once done JetPhoto will put the geographical data into EXIF. Many web album supports geotag these days, such as the popular Flickr. I then import the photos into iPhoto and uploaded them onto Flickr. You can visit my Thale Noi album at Flickr.

There are many free software that can deliver similar results but requires more than one software and complicated steps. JetPhoto Studio Pro all-in-one and interactive Google Map slideshow got me to pay. After all I am a lazy person. 

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