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How civilisation is built, how about modern civilisation?

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We live in the 21st century today. It is an amazing feat to see how humans have grown until today. ever since the past until today how civilisation has grown exponentially. It is amazing and a mind boggling thing to see and know. When we see how we have grown we are always talking about Electricity, cars, gasoline and so much more like metals and buildings but yet here we are leaving something out and yet that one thing is the whole source of growth. Did we notice yet what this missing piece is? 

How is Civilisation built?

This is a very important yet interesting thing that we should look at. Us as human beings we live in the cities that we are in right now, that is a civilisation as itself but how did it work out in the past before cities? How civilisation is made is through a few criterias in order for the civilisation to survive. Fertile land, land with great sunlight as well as shade all in one big land and lastly a long wide river. These are the main three things that will let civilization bloom. Fertile land and water for food as well as rivers for washing, drinking and more. It is as well for livestocks to live either to eat or to sell products but what is essential to note here is the three things, sun, land and water. With these sources alone human civilization can thrive on it. Hence even through the time of ancient times Assyrians on how they build their civilisation as well as their city is based on these three main sources. land for living and transportation, sun and water for crops and living as well as the river for transportation of goods to places that maybe the feet cannot tread on. These are the basis of survival. 

How about us in the 21st Century?

If we are to compare today’s standards, the apple does not go far from the tree. But also adding on to the points more because of the complexity that we live in right now. Life as we know it today cannot go far from the term “complexity” and what it means is that it is not as simple as just water, sun and land. We require more than that and it is only adding on with one very important thing. Knowledge. Modern civilisation’s difference from the past is only knowledge but yet this difference made so much difference and made the civilisation as we know it today complex and built. 

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So then what is that missing piece?

Earlier we have talked about that civilization is built by three essential sources and as well the modern civilization only differs by adding on knowledge. Here is what knowledge has done for us. So well in fact that we have already forgotten about it or have taken it for granted. In modern civilisation, we have used the knowledge we know and built something called infrastructure. We have built this infrastructure so well in fact that in today’s world, we no longer need a river to be beside us to live! Places like the desert do not have rivers and Oasis are rare so how do they live? Pipelines! That is the missing piece that maybe we have already taken for granted. The thousands of pipelines that feed water into your home for you to shower, wash dishes and clothes, for you cooking and drinking. This is the piece that we have taken for granted because most of the time we thank for the electricity, petrol, even the aircond to keep us cool but we often never thought about the pipelines that come to our aid when we are thirsty. 

There you go then, if you have also likened to me taking the pipeline for granted then think again because as humans we can never live without water. Hence if you have a pipe that needs fixing, just do it! If you need pipes to fix or need to upgrade new pipes you can look up to flexible joint malaysia to have new types of pipe for your home! remember then the importance of pipelines that comes into your home and don’t take it for granted. 

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