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How to renew MyKad without queuing at the JPN office?

This is just information sharing for anyone who want to renew/replace their MyKad. For those who doesn’t know what is MyKad, that’s your Identification Card or Kad Pengenalan.

As we know Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) offices are always crowded with people applying/renewing MyKad. As we know the chip does not last forever. I wouldn’t complain. My credit card chip was damaged within a year plus. My old MyKad chip has lasted a good 8 years.

Without waiting in the queue and sit in the office for whole day just to renew a damage chip, the fastest way is to get it done thru MYEG. To be frank I am not a fan of MYEG. Their advertisement during World Cup 2010 is terrible. A bunch of idiots dancing for no reason and not related to the services MYEG offer.

First register an account on MYEG. Strangely JPN online application is from 8am to 11pm (Mondays to Fridays), 8am to 2pm (Saturdays) and 8am to 9pm (Sundays). Follow MYEG website and submit all the required details. Make payment RM12 with your credit card. RM10 for the new MyKad and RM2 for MYEG service. Yes, they are people who complain about the RM2. For god sake, RM2 saves you hours queuing at JPN office. It’s cheaper than the transportation to get there.

Once done. Sit back and relax. Go do your things and get a good night sleep. You can check the application status online the following day.

If you don’t mind driving down to Putrajaya JPN headquarters which I did since it’s only 15 minutes from my house, the MyKad is ready to collect after 24 hours. For other Penisular offices, that will take 10 working days and 30 working days for Sabah and Sarawak. I got mine within 10 minutes arriving JPN office 

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