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iOS 4 apps bugs uncomfortable syndrome

Ever since the launch of iOS 4, a lot of bugs have been reported. Many apps reportedly crash or break as developers rushing to get the fix out, to be compatible with iOS 4 new APIs. The golden rules of “every new OS fill with bugs” is alive and living strong. Pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land. But it’s ok, I’ll take a few arrows, and the arrows slowly develop into a syndrome, “iOS 4 apps bugs uncomfortable syndrome

Syndromes are in escalating order.

Syndrome no.1
Feel anxious, anxiety of the bugs as the infected patient cannot do anything but wait for a new release.

Syndrome no. 2
Keep searching the web, forum, blog for solutions.

Syndrome no. 3
Reports to developer, protest in forums and blog comments.

Syndrome no. 4
Browsing thru App Store in hope to find an temporary alternative. Worst case spent money purchasing few apps and in the end found out they do not meet your requirements or contains more bugs than the original apps. Syndrome repeats itself from no. 1 all over again.

Cure and only cure for now

Turn off all devices, head to the nearest swimming pool and dunk yourself into the water to cool down. It’s the only place you can’t use the devices, at least for now. (Start thinking of a waterproof case for iPhone and iPad…)

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