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iPad WiFi goes 3G and GPS

A lot of people ask me why don’t not wait for iPad 3G. Here’s the answer.

  1. It’s so much more expensive.
  2. I waited long enough.
  3. I already subscribe to Maxis data plan. I won’t pay for another data plan.
  4. I have iPhone 3GS.
  5. I have a BT GPS receiver.

If you have iPhone 3G/3GS and BT GPS receiver you can save few hundred ringgit and go for iPad WiFi. Again, jailbreak saves the day and my wallet.

To turn WiFi iPad into iPad 3G you need MyWi. Yes they sound similar, but MyWi has nothing to do with ill-fated half breed national car Perodua Myvi. Sorry for Myvi owners, I am a fan of BBC Top Gear. The app is simple. On your iPhone, goto Cydia, search MyWi. Install it, not on iPad, but on iPhone. It gives free 10 days trial. Basically what it does is share your iPhone 3G/3GS 3G connection by creating a WiFi hotspot. In other words, MyWi turn your iPhone into a wireless router. The same way MacBook shares LAN connection thru WiFi. Desktop, laptop and any WiFi devices can connect to iPhone WiFi hotspot, not limited to Mac products. It too supports Bluetooth tethering and cable. Only thing is I don’t see any 30-pin to 30-pin connector cable around. The advantage of WiFi tethering is multiple devices can tether at the same time. So far I only tested with three devices tether simultaneously. MyWi runs in background even with screen switch off to save battery. It supports 40 bit and 104 bit WEP Security to prevent others from accessing your WiFi HotSpot. For more information visit Rock Your iPhone.

Some might complain iPhone 3GS battery life is short and they want 10 hours internet surfing on iPad. That’s a no brainier request. Imagine how expensive data plan is. With iPad, you probably use up half the monthly bandwidth within hours.

As for GPS, there are two apps in Cydia that connects your iPad to most BT GPS receiver in the market. The first is BTStack GPS (USD5), second is roqyBT (8 euro). Unfortunately Euro crisis is not as bad until Euro drop below USD. Hence I settle with BTStack GPS. I am using Holux M-241. It runs for 24 hours with a single AA battery. Matter of fact, I actually save my iPad battery with this method as we all know iPad/iPhone GPS antenna consumes a lot of power. Driving for half an hour, my iPad battery only reduce by 2%! In addition, iPad speaker is loud. I do not need to connect it to my car stereo. It’s a dream to drive with a 9.7″ navigation device. So far I tested with TomTom, Google Maps, Motion-X GPS HD, all fully compatible.

Overall I pay USD15 extra and upgraded to iPad 3G  

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